Urban Studio

A Style for Every Story

A constantly evolving micro-studio dedicated to providing you with urban photo and video sets. With limited natural lighting, the dark and moody vibe allows photographers and film-makers to capture a whole different energy. So let your creative juices flow and make the most of all the walls and props inside the urban studio.

controlled lighting

Perfect for indoor photos, social media content and music videos.

Multiple themes

Take advantage of our constantly evolving theme options including a Trap Room, Prison Cell, Graffiti Wall, TV Wall, Bullet Wall and NY Times Wall.


This space comes inclusive of furniture and props so you can spend more time creating.


Move things around to create fresh set-ups within pre-existing themes.


1 hour

2 – 4 hours

5 - 8 hours

We offer memberships for our photography studio.
To view our membership options, click here.


5 custom themes

Studio lighting

Community Kitchen

Fully furnished

Make-up Room

Bluetooth Speaker

Freight Elevator

Water and Coffee Station

Insanely Fast Internet

Climate Controlled

Full Service Bar

Loading Dock

What they say about us

Motto is an amazing place to shoot/record. They are constantly updating and improving the studio. It amazes me at how in touch the team is with the needs of the photographers/videographers. I would highly recommend Motto over other studios in Winnipeg.

What keeps us coming back is that Motto’s team is super supportive and very creative in their own rights, so when we talk about what we want to do, they get equally as excited and passionate about our project. And that is invaluable.

our awesome space