Nft Lounge

Create your "Next Fresh Thing"

There is nothing like relaxing while making money. Now introducing the Motto NFT Lounge; the city's first team of professionals to help you create, publish, buy, sell and trade NFT commodities. Join one of our DIY workshops or work directly with one of our WEB3 / NFT consultants to expedite your next project.

Digital creators

Modernize your personal or business brand by creating your very own NFTS and list them for public consumption.

NFT Marketing

Implement a marketing strategy inside our brand distillery and scale the value of your NFT commodities on the public market.


Learn everything NFT from one of certified experts and build a portfolio work talking about.

NFT Community

Discuss your investments with like-minded individuals and participate in pooled investment strategy with "Motto Invest."


1 hour

2 – 4 hours

5 - 8 hours

To view our co-work membership options for individuals and teams, click here.


Insanely Fast Internet

Lounge Seating

Climate Control

Full Service Bar

Community Kitchen


What they say about us

I guess I am one of those who follow the trend. Everyone has been investing in crypto currency. I had no clue about what it is and how it works. But I wanted to learn about it and see if I can make quick money. I did some research on where I could learn about it. Honestly, there are a bunch of resources online, but I am someone who prefers talking to people face to face and learn about things. So that I can ask as many questions as possible and learn more. This is where I came across Motto and their crypto services. The consultant has been amazing. He explained me everything from scratch, dumbed down everything for me and made me learn all I needed to before investing my hard-earned money.

Perfect place to sit down with other like-minded people, talk to them about crypto, build a portfolio and look at our money growing on the big tv screens. I drop by time to time and it is just fun to sip a drink and watch your portfolio grow. Motto has been great at managing my portfolio and explaining me everything.

our awesome space