Meta Room

Supersize your Imagination

Transport your body and mind into a fantasy world and become the hero of your story. Our amazing experiences are suitable for all ages. Whether you are looking to host a birthday party, a team building event, or a fun group activity, Motto VR experience welcomes you to a world you have never seen before.

Latest Games

Enjoy all of the latest and greatest games to hit the market.

Insanely fast Internet

Enjoy insanely fast interest speed and zero interruption gaming.

Group Activity

Ideal for a corporate team building activity or just a night our with friends or family.

Open Concept

Make every move count with 300 Sq Ft of space to roam about without for a truly immersive experience.




3000 Sq. Ft.

VR Gaming Equipment

1-6 Player Access

17 Foot Ceilings

Bluetooth Speaker

Water and Coffee Station

Full Service Bar

Safety Stanchions

Climate Controlled

Open Concept


Insanely Fast Internet

Freight Elevator

Community Kitchen

What they say about us

With covid shutting our offices down, meeting our team members and having team bonding exercises has been tough. During covid we would try to come up with ways to have some team activities, but it was always a problem. Either the places were shut or even if they weren’t we didn’t have the privacy and we would be around other groups using the facility. With Motto, we knew that the entire space belonged to us, and we didn’t have to worry about privacy and coming in close contact with other groups. Everyone on the team was excited to have a game evening. When we entered the space, it was so clean, and everything was sanitised. We as a team had an amazing time and with a few new faces on our team, it was nice to finally meet them face to face and bond with them

My friends and I like to hang out once a month and do some sort of activity. When we heard about VR Metaverse at Motto, we put it on our bucket list. We finally got time to check it out. The place is so cool. They have a huge open space allowing for free movement while enjoying the VR experience. A few places that do have VR experience in Winnipeg do not allow for that free movement. We all had good fun for around 3 hours and having access to their bar/café helped us refuel ourselves during and after the session.

our awesome space